What to wear for your job interview

Dress to Impress

First impressions are, by definition, instant. It takes seconds for a complete stranger to formulate a positive or negative opinion of you based on your appearance alone. How you handle your interview is of course the key to your success but every aspect of your face to face meeting with your interviewer is crucial to your success, and that includes how you dress.

Here are six tips to getting it right giving you the best chance of clinching that all important job move:
  1. Research – Find out what the company dress code is. Go on the company’s website, for example, to see if there are photos and videos of employees. Get an insight into the company’s culture
  2. ‘Level Up’ – Dress one level above what the company’s employees wear on a daily basis to impress in a way that is in sync with the feel of the company you are looking to join. However if the company already wear office formal we would advise against turning up in a tuxedo. Stick to the suit
  3. Attention to Detail – Always look as well-groomed as you can with combed hair, fresh breath, and well-fitting / pressed clothes
  4. Less is More –  Avoid distracting your interviewer, keep your attire simple. Simple grooming, no flashy jewellery, no wild colours or patterns, nothing too revealing. Look organised and presentable. Let them remember you for you and not for your outfit
  5. Hygiene and Moderation – It’s an obvious, but an important one. Ensure you are clean and don’t overdo it on the aftershave / perfume. You want to leave an impression not a lingering smell
  6. Prepare – Try your interview clothes on the week before your interview to prevent any last minute panic. If the outfit doesn’t fit right, your go-to jacket is missing a button, or if the shirt you love is wrinkled, it will give you time to rectify the situation
Your interview is about showing yourself in the best possible light, if you look great, you’ll feel great and if you feel great, there will be a much higher chance of you succeeding in your interview.


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